WP Toolkit is a knowledge base and resource for website managers built by website professionals.

You have thousands of options for tools, themes, and strategies available for you to use on your website, all promising to be the one-stop solution you need.

What you don’t have is any way to know which tools truly are the best, no guidance on how your choices affect other areas of your website stack, or what strategies are worth pursuing. 

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WP Toolkit will teach you:

  • The ins and outs of WordPress website management
  • Understanding the various parts of your WordPress website and how they interact
  • Core concepts to help you manage your stack
  • Real Talk reviews on products to help you make the right decisions
  • Principles of maintenance for your WordPress website
  • Vetted list of professionals, plugins, and resources
  • Interviews with professionals and developers  in various niches of website management

WP Toolkit is for anyone who is in charge of running a website and is interested in having a stable, successful web presence. You don’t need to be a developer. Most of our clients aren’t! They are marketing directors, sales directors, and other high-level professionals who want to level up their craft with a deeper understanding of how to best utilize their WordPress website.

We’ve spent over a decade teaching professionals in various industries about website management through client consultations and projects. Now, we’re taking that knowledge and making it accessible to everyone.